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What are the accreditation decisions?

A program is entitled to advertise as an accredited service by CAMTS Global under the following circumstances: 


  • Full Accreditation - A medical transport service demonstrates substantial compliance with the Accreditation Standards. Full accreditation is granted for three years. 


  • Probational Accreditation - The Commission shall grant probational accreditation (for two years) when a program has held full accreditation but upon review is no longer considered to be in substantial compliance with the Accreditation Standards. 


  • Preliminary Denial - The Commission may grant preliminary denial of accreditation when a Program had held Full or Probational accreditation, but upon a scheduled review for reaccreditation, the Commission has concerns and/or there are deficiencies that are not in substantial compliance with the reaccreditation standards but could be resolved or demonstrate significant progress in resolving the concerns and deficiencies within 90 days. The Program's accreditation shall not be withdrawn, but the Program's name will be designated with an asterisk on the CAMTS Global website indicating Preliminary Denial.


  • Under Special Review by a Board Member - reference page three of Policy 04.01.00 in the Policy and Procedure Manual. 


A program is not entitled to advertise as "being accredited" nor enjoy the privileges of accreditation under the following decisions: 


  • Withhold Accreditation - Accreditation will be withheld when a service applying for the first time does not substantially comply with the accreditation standards. 


  • Withdraw Accreditation -Accreditation may be withdrawn if: - Service is no longer in compliance with Accreditation Standards or accreditation policies and procedures. - There are significant changes in the service. 


A program may not advertise as "being accredited" nor enjoy the privileges of accreditation if the following is received: 


  • Provisional Action - A service has applied for the first time and has deficiencies which are, in the judgment of the Board, correctable within a six month timeframe but prevent the service from being in substantial compliance: - Provisional action is temporary and for a maximum of six months. Only two further accreditation decisions can result at the end of the six months: * Full accreditation if concerns and deficiencies are addressed satisfactorily. *Withhold accreditation if deficiencies are not corrected within the six-month time frame. 


  • Deferral Action - The Commission may defer a decision on accreditation status if there is a lack of sufficient information about specific issues which may preclude an informed and reasonable decision. If action is deferred on an accredited service, the program retains its current accreditation status until a final decision is made.


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