CAMTS Global conducted a three-day class for applicants to site surveyor positions for CAMTS Global  in Atlanta, Georgia, USA  1-3 March 2019.  Applicants were chosen for their expertise and experience, and all are currently employed by medical transport services outside of North America. There are now nine site surveyors available for CAMTS Global site visits.

March 2019

The Board of Directors of  CAMTS EU changed the fee structure to include charitable organizations. Click the arrow below to see the charitable organization portion of  Policy 04.05.00

October 2018

CAMTS EU has now been re-branded as CAMTS Global. A new logo and updated website have been developed. We are currently going through the process of changing all materials to the new name and logo.

January 2019

The Board of Directors has updated the Policy and Procedure Manual. For your copy click the arrow below.

October 2018

CAMTS EU is in the process

rebranding. A new logo and updated website will be coming soon.

November 2018

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