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Eileen Frazer

Executive Director & Founder

Eileen Frazer, RN, CMTE, is the Executive Director of the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) since its inception in 1990 and will serve as the Executive Director for CAMTS Global. Eileen is a former Chief Flight Nurse who served as the Safety Committee Chair for AAMS and did the feasibility study in 1988 that led to the development of CAMTS. Eileen received the Jim Carlson award for aviation/safety in 1991, the Marriott-Carlson Award in 2000, for outstanding contributions to the air medical industry and the FAA Safety Team’s Education Outreach Award in 2009 for producing and distributing the “Hazards of Helicopter Shopping” video. In 2012, Eileen co-edited the reference book entitled “Safety and Quality Medical Transport Systems: Creating an Effective Culture” with Dr. John Overton, a former CAMTS Board member. This book was published by ASHGATE in London and is a collection of works and research by known human factors and safety experts.

Dudley Smith

Associate Executive Director

Dudley Smith is Associate Executive Director of the CAMTS and will assist with administrative details for CAMTS Global. Dudley is a former disaster planning consultant who served for 25 years as the Corporate Director for Air Care & Mobile Care and Disaster Management for the University Hospital and the Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati. He also served as the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) liaison to the Board of Directors of the CAMTS, where he served on the executive committee as the Commission’s Treasurer. His active involvement in critical care transport medicine earned him the Marriott-Carlson Award in 1999, for outstanding contributions to the air medical industry and the AAMS Life Time Achievement Award in 2011.

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