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Board Integrity -When a program applies for accreditation, it is assigned a number. The program is then identified by this number throughout the process. All reports to the Board are blinded so that deliberations are carried out with a program identified by that number, not a name or location, until the program is awarded a full or probational accreditation. 


CAMTS Global will publish a list of accredited programs. However, it is the policy of CAMTS Global to consider specific information about the accreditation process of an individual program to be strictly confidential. The Commission will release such information only with the program's written permission. CAMTS Global will provide the following information upon the program's written permission: 


  • Whether CAMTS Global has received an application from a specific program or a site visit has been scheduled. 

  • The expiration date of the program's accreditation. 

  • The accreditation status if not on the accredited list. 


Surveyor Confidentiality - CAMTS Global Site Surveyors are not permitted to discuss their findings or their report with anyone other than the Commission. 


The accreditation process and subsequent certification decision is not to be thought of as a substitute for a medical transport service's ongoing quality control efforts, since full accreditation signifies only substantial compliance with a preponderance of evaluation criteria at the time of the site visit.


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