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Authors John W. Overton, Jr. and Eileen Frazer - Creating an Effective Culture

Safety and Quality in Medical Transport Systems

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  • The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) has been accrediting air and ground transport services since 1991. One of the most significant needs the Commission has recognized is to assist transport services in creating a culture that supports safety and quality for both crews and patients. Most of the helicopter EMS accidents and many ground ambulance accidents can be attributed to human factors and systems designs that lead to poor decision-making. Management commitment is vital to create and maintain a culture that supports risk assessment, accountability, professionalism and organizational dynamics. This reference book has been created by CAMTS to address this need directly and comprehensively. It offers a collection of expert insights and practical solutions that can be used by EMS, Fire and Rescue, public and private services and professional emergency and transport professionals worldwide. 


    “This is an important book which should be required reading for everyone involved in patient transport, from managers and dispatchers to those at the sharp end…The experienced and able authors and editors of this work use culture as the overarching concept needed to maximize safety while delivering patients expeditiously.” —from the Foreword by Robert L. Helmreich

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