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Medical transport services, private and public, that provide rotorwing, fixed wing, surface (ambulances, boats, ATV, etc.) may apply for accreditation. Medical escort services are also eligible.

  • A transport system that provides air or surface may include all disciplines of their transport systems in the accreditation process

  • Specialty teams, such as a dedicated neonatal or children’s transport service, are eligible.

  • Must have completed a minimum of 12 medical transports within the last year in each applied category.



How to Apply
  • Complete and submit the one-page application and the application fee by clicking the red button below.

  • You will receive a self-study document, the Program Information File (PIF), by email. You have 1 year to complete and return the PIF to the CAMTS Global office.

  • The CAMTS Global office will contact you after the PIF has been received to coordinate a site visit.

  • The Board of Directors will reach an accreditation decision at the next scheduled board meeting. Board meetings are conducted quarterly.



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