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Does CAMTS Global have consultants?

The Consultation Program of the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems Global (CAMTS Global) is offered to medical transport programs that provide air medical services and ground critical care services and who:


  • Want to measure the quality of the service they provide in comparison to the criteria listed in the CAMTS Global accreditation standards as examined by an informed consultant.

  • Want to have specific assistance in preparing for an accreditation site visit through a review of :

  • Documentation, policies and materials requested for accreditation

  • Entire service by a consultant’s on-site visit.


Services who contract with CAMTS Global for a consultant are not required to apply for accreditation and the consultant’s role does not guarantee any accreditation outcome if the service is preparing for a site visit by CAMTS Global. Services will sign a contract with a disclaimer in reference to applying for accreditation and that no accreditation outcome is guaranteed.


CAMTS Global does not guarantee the availability of a consultant due to scheduling needs and time constraints. CAMTS Global Consultants are chosen (as availability permits) from a pool of professional site surveyors and former board members who have a minimum of six years experience in the field of air medical and/or ground interfacility transport.


Consultants are responsible for providing the service with a written summary report after completing an onsite visit. 


Consultants may not serve as a site surveyor for the contracting service nor for a competing service for a period of four years after the consulting visit.


A consultation may also be arranged to review documents. For example, a Program may have questions about the attachments they are submitting with a PIF or want their entire PIF reviewed before submitting it to make sure they included the correct documentation. A document consultation is available at any point in time. For a complete understanding of the cost and consultation policies - refer to Section 07.00.00 in The Policy and Procedure Manual. 



To request a consultation please fill out the below form. 

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